We are the Hearns. Freya, Winston, and Win. We're taking 2013 and 2014 to better know certain cities around the United States (and maybe beyond). Our hope is to somewhat better understand the unique cultures of each city - and to do so we're not really doing "tourist" things, instead we're exploring local restaurants, farmers markets, neighborhoods, and parks.

We're taking a month or two to explore each city so that we get to know the sections of town. We're not making lists and checking things off, instead we're seeing what we can, and not worrying about the rest. But part of our wandering is very muchg guided by suggestions and recommendations from others. So this form is a handy way for you to give us recommendations in a way that we are guaranteed to remember.

Do you live in a city we're visiting? Or maybe you once visited and stumbled into something awesome that wasn't on the "10 Things You Can't Miss in X" list. We'd love your suggestions. Below is a form that has the types of places we love to visit. Remember, everything needs to be fairly kid-friendly as our babysitting options are few. And be sure to check out our occasionally updated blog to follow along. Cheers!

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San Diego, CA

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Camping in Utah!

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